Snow White and the Huntsman (Movie) Ending Explained

This post includes a brief plot summary and an explanation about the ending of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman” (2012). Beware of spoilers.

Directed by Rupert Sanders, the fantasy film stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as Ravenna and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman.

The film “Snow White and the Huntsman” is about a wicked queen, Ravenna, who kills the king and takes over his kingdom. At the time, she decided to spare the life of her stepdaughter, Snow White. Years later, Ravenna’s magic mirror tells her that Snow White is about to become the fairest of the kingdom.

What Happens in “Snow White and the Huntsman”? (Plot Explained)

Afraid that she might lose her powers, Ravenna decides to kill Snow White. However, the princess manages to escape from the castle and runs into the Dark Forest. Ravenna summons the Huntsman to capture Snow White, in exchange, she promises to revive his dead wife.

The Huntsman eventually finds Snow White but has a change of heart and decides to help her. He teaches the princess some self-defence techniques and how to survive in the forest. Over time, they become friends.

While escaping from Ravenna, Snow White and the Huntsman meet a group of dwarves who were initially trying to rob them. Their leader believes that Snow White is the only one who can save their kingdom from Ravenna. Therefore, they decide to help her. Meanwhile, an old childhood friend of Snow White, William, infiltrates the queen’s army.

Together, they all head towards a sanctuary, where a white deer blesses Snow White as the true heir of the kingdom. However, Ravenna’s soldiers appear out of nowhere and ambush them. A violent fight ensues, fatally injuring one of the dwarves. William reveals himself to Snow White.

While talking to William, Snow White eats a poisoned apple. It turns out that the person in front of her is actually Ravenna. Shortly after, Snow White falls into a deep coma. Everyone is devastated by the tragic news. The Huntsman bids Snow White farewell and kisses her, breaking the spell. Snow White wakes up and gathers an army to fight Ravenna.

The Ending of “Snow White and the Huntsman” Explained

The ending of “Snow White and the Huntsman” shows Snow White and her soldiers storming inside the castle. The princess confronts Ravenna and they have a fierce duel. Snow White stabs Ravenna in the heart, and while dying, the wicked queen reveals her true self. Then Snow White steps up as the new queen.

In the beginning of the film, the mirror warns Ravenna that there will be someone more beautiful than her in the near future. However, the mysterious entity also tells the wicked queen that her rival is also her salvation.

There are many ways to interpret the mirror’s words. First, Snow White will dethrone Ravenna once she becomes the fairest of the kingdom. Second, if Ravenna kills Snow White, she will be able to absorb all her beauty and youth, making her even more powerful. Third, Snow White’s purity is the only weapon against Ravenna’s dark magic.

Having said that, Snow White is Ravenna’s most powerful enemy but also her only way to redemption. Had Ravenna shown any remorse for her actions, Snow White would probably forgive her and show her the right path.

How did Snow White kill the Queen?

Only someone more beautiful than Ravenna can kill her, and that person happens to be Snow White. The wicked queen is vulnerable to the one who possesses the “fairest blood”. Having said that, when Snow White stabbed Ravenna, she had no other option but to die like any other mortal.

Why does the Huntsman kiss wake Snow White?

It seems that the Huntsman had a deeper connection with Snow White than William did, which would justify why his kiss woke the princess up and not William’s. Throughout the film, it was the Huntsman who taught Snow White how to protect herself and survive.

The man even helped the princess find her destiny. Needless to say, the Huntsman has a lot of love, respect and loyalty for Snow White. In addition, she gave him a reason to live, something he hasn’t felt in a long time since his beloved wife passed away.

William, on the other hand, also deeply cares about Snow White. However, unlike the Huntsman, he loves the idea of her. In William’s head, Snow White is still the little girl he met during childhood, but in reality, she has become so much more than that image. That’s why his kiss wasn’t enough to wake the princess up.

“Snow White and the Huntsman” Discussion

The film “Snow White and The Huntsman” is a fantasy film mainly made for entertainment, but it does dabble upon a couple of themes. The story explores certain ideas such as beauty, power and ageism.

In “Snow White and The Huntsman”, there is a clear connection between beauty and power. The wicked queen, Ravenna, is obsessed with being the “fairest of them all”. With her beauty and ability to preserve her youth, she manipulated people and destroyed many other kingdoms.

Ravenna embodies the strict beauty standards that many societies try to enforce on their women. Ironically, the wicked queen’s beauty is also her biggest curse. Ravenna is hostage to the idea that beauty is the most important quality for women.

Another theme that is intimately connected with beauty is ageism. Ravenna is not only obsessed with being the most beautiful, but she also covets youth. So the film sort of conveys the message that women lose their “power” when they grow “older”. It shows the negative effects of ageism on women, who are often judged by their appearance and expected to stay young and attractive.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, “Snow White and the Huntsman” is a film that puts a nice twist on the classic fairy tale. It was nice to see the female lead evolve from a scared little girl to a strong and brave young woman. In this version, Snow White is not a passive princess waiting for her prince to save her. She takes matters into her own hands and leads an army to regain the throne that was rightfully hers.

You know what is also interesting? For once, there is no romance between the female lead and the male lead. And I believe it was an incredibly smart decision not to make the Huntsman “a cheesy romantic interest”, but rather an ally and a friend. This relationship dynamic makes the story more wholesome and empowering for Snow White.

Overall, “Snow White and the Huntsman” is a very entertaining watch with beautiful visuals. Although Kristen Stewart plays the main character, in terms of performance, Charlize Theron completely steals the show. The actress delivered a powerful performance as the wicked queen, Ravenna.