elle morie

“The Odd Apple” is a place where Elle Morie curates her favorite bits of pop culture. Given her special affinity for films, readers can anticipate a wealth of articles around this subject, in the form of film reviews and in-depth film analysis.

Although many works featured on “The Odd Apple” may not always be award winners or widely recognized, each has left a lasting impression on Elle. Their stories have touched her in some way and, as such, have earned their place here. Nonetheless, Elle also likes to set the record straight on overhyped works, according to her.

Elle Morie believes that the complexity of a plot is not the sole determinant of a film’s worthiness for in-depth discussion. She believes that a well-executed ‘slice of life’ film with a straightforward storyline can evoke a range of emotions and provoke thought in the viewer. Therefore, Elle dedicates her writing to films of all genres, as long as they stimulate her intellect and curiosity.