This blog [The Odd Apple] has only one author: Elle Morie, a pop culture enthusiast with a soft spot for films. Having said that, the readers of [The Odd Apple] should expect a large amount of articles on this particular topic. However, the author is very selective about what she writes. Elle Morie only writes about the films that she cares about.

Films don’t have to be perfect in order to be good and [The Odd Apple] reflects exactly that. Many of the author’s choices are not award winners or even popular ones. However, the films listed on this place are here for a reason: they somehow made an impact on the author, as she never forgot about them.

Some believe that only complex plots are worthy of in-depth discussions, but Elle Morie disagrees. A good “slice of life” type of film with a simple storyline can trigger all sorts of emotions and questions in the viewer. Having said that, Elle Morie likes to dedicate her writing efforts to all types of films, regardless of their genre, as long as they are able to tickle her brain.