Attack the Block (Movie) Ending Explained

This post includes a brief plot summary and an explanation about the ending of “Attack the Block” (2011). Beware of spoilers.

Directed by Joe Cornish, the 2011 sci-fi horror film stars John Boyega as Moses and Jodie Whittaker as Sam.

The film “Attack the Block” is about a group of teenage hoodlums who witness a meteorite crashing in their neighbourhood. As the teenage gang investigates the incident, they find a small alien creature inside a car. Moses, the leader, kills it and takes it as a trophy. Meanwhile, Sam, the nurse they were robbing, escapes.

What Happens in “Attack the Block”? (Plot Explained)

On their way home, the gang encounters more meteorites falling from the sky. They realize that these are actually alien pods carrying bigger and more aggressive creatures than the one they killed. These beings have glowing teeth and fur that make them invisible in the dark.

Once the aliens arrive at the gang’s apartment block, they start attacking the residents, including a drug dealer named Hi-Hatz and his henchmen. Meanwhile, the gang teams up with Sam, who turns out to be their neighbour. Later on, another two other residents join them: Brewis, a stoner, and Ron, a cannabis producer.

Gradually, the gang starts losing its members. Then they find out that these creatures are not after all of them, only those who killed the first alien. The remaining survivors make a final stand in Ron’s flat. There, they set up a trap for the aliens using gas and fireworks. Moses volunteers to lure the aliens into the trap, and he succeeds thanks to Sam’s help.

The Ending of “Attack the Block” Explained

The ending of “Attack the Block” shows the police arriving and arresting Moses and his friends. They are accusing the teenagers of being the ones behind the recent deaths around their block. However, Sam intervenes. She tells the police that the boys are her neighbours and that they saved her life. While the police take the boys away, the residents of the block cheer for Moses.

What is the significance of the aliens in Attack the Block?

The aliens have an important role in “Attack the Block”. First of all, they are the catalyst that force the different characters in the film to band together and overcome their differences. Joining efforts was the only way to fight for their survival. Second, the aliens also serve as a metaphor for the systemic oppression faced by marginalized communities.

There is some symbolism behind the invaders in “Attack the Block”. First of all, the aliens are mostly seen by the members of the “block”, a rather impoverished community. Also, they only attack those who have a certain scent. All this can be interpreted as a metaphor for how discrimination and violence are based on arbitrary characteristics.

What is the main message of “Attack the Block”?

The film “Attack the Block” tries to convey the idea that people from different backgrounds and circumstances can unite and overcome a common enemy, even if they have prejudices and conflicts with each other.

For instance, the teenage hoodlums from a poor and crime-ridden neighbourhood become unlikely heroes when they defend their block from savage alien creatures. Along the way, they form an alliance with a nurse whom they had mugged earlier and learn to respect and trust her.

The ending of “Attack the Block” suggests that change can come from within communities and that by standing together, people can fight back against systems of oppression. In the end, Moses and his friends’ valiant efforts were not in vain. Their neighbours cheered for them and acknowledged their heroic deeds.

“Attack the Block” Discussion

There is some social commentary in “Attack the Block”. The film illustrates the systemic oppression that marginalized communities often face. In Moses and his friends’ case, they were arrested by the police despite having saved their neighbourhood from an alien invasion.

“Attack the Block” uses “the alien invasion” as a means to explore certain themes such as social class, race and oppression. The young protagonists, especially Moses, are misunderstood and marginalized by society. Their reckless actions have brought the aliens to their block and caused harm to those around them. However, these kids are not evil or stupid, but rather products of their environment.

Moses and his gang had to deal with poverty, violence, racism and a lack of opportunities for most of their lives. However, they also have aspirations and talents just like anyone else. When the time came, they were able to show their worth. These individuals are capable of courage, loyalty and heroism.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, “Attack the Block” is a smart sci-fi film. It uses the pretext of an “alien invasion” to expose and illustrate certain social problems. Also, the film dabbles upon serious themes such as racism, classism, and police brutality without taking itself too seriously.

To be honest, “Attack the Block” was quite a pleasant surprise. The film balances the tension and horror of the alien attack with witty dialogue and hilarious situations. Also, “Attack the Block” has its own charm because it subverts some of the genre’s tropes. For instance, the protagonists are anti-heroes who are initially unsympathetic but gradually win over the audience’s empathy.

The pacing of the film is excellent, as it keeps the action moving at a brisk rate without losing sight of the character development and the social commentary. Also, its low budget creates a realistic and gritty setting that contrasts with the fantastical elements of the plot.

Last but not least, one of the highlights of the film is John Boyega’s performance as Moses, the leader of the gang. Despite being a fairly young actor at the time, he really shined in this role. Boyega was able to show charisma, vulnerability, and courage. The actor carries the film with his presence and his arc, as he goes from being a petty criminal to a reluctant hero.

Overall, “Attack the Block” is a very noteworthy watch. The film deserves more recognition and praise, as it is a clever and entertaining sci-fi comedy that also has something meaningful to say about our society.