Who Should Pay On The First Date?

Some people say it’s the man’s responsibility to pay the bill. While others believe that “going Dutch” is the right thing to do.

For those who are living in a first-world country, where in theory, men and women have access to the same opportunities and privileges… Why would it be so inconceivable to split the bill? I believe this a question that both ladies and gentlemen need to ask to themselves.

Ladies, you shouldn’t feel mad just because your date doesn’t offer to pay for the entire bill. Think again, why would you be angry in the first place? Do you think it’s fair for your date to cover all the expenses? I think not. In my opinion, if you accept to go out on a date bring your wallet and expect to pay for your part. Basically, you’ll have to suck it up because you can’t acknowledge equality between genders and ignore certain issues such as financial equality that comes along with it. Dates are usually consensual social activities, as they say, “it takes two to tango”. Having said that, if you’re not that interested in that guy and you’re not in the mood of spending some money, just decline the invitation. Simple as that. Now, if the man offers to pay, you should still make the suggestion of splitting the bill and then… let him do it.

Gentlemen, please do not feel obliged to pay for the entire bill. When you go out with your friends, you don’t pay for their expenses, right? Therefore, why would you feel obliged to do so with your date? Okay, if you are “loaded” I guess it won’t make much of a difference. However, when the bill comes don’t be so quick to take the lead, even if you’re planning to pay you should wait and see if your date offers to split the bill. If she doesn’t offer to pay for her part, that should give you some hints about the type of expectations she has for you in a relationship. In addition, do not expect gratitude from your date just because you paid the bill. If she’s not that into you, there won’t be a second date. Therefore, pay with no second intentions. Nevertheless, it’s always a nice gesture when the man offers to pay and I highly doubt that ladies will feel offended by it.

Well, let’s talk about “bill-etiquette” in a third-world country… It’s the man’s responsibility to pay on the first date. Period. Why? Back in the day, the gentleman would offer to pay because (generally speaking) the woman wouldn’t have the means to do so and if you think about it… things haven’t changed that much in these third-world countries. As I see it, a country’s level of development and its customs are intimately related. Having said that, a less developed country will usually present greater gender inequalities which can have a direct effect on a woman’s and a man’s respective incomes. Therefore, in a first date scenario it will probably make more sense for the man to assume the responsibility of paying the bill.

Though it’s a complicated question, dates are supposed to be fun. Having said that, ladies and gentleman don’t overthink and go with the flow, when the time comes you’ll know what to do.