The Suit Effect

There is just something about a man in a nice suit. Colin Firth is the man! Too random? Not at all. If you watched his performance in Kingsman, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Now… if I had to cast someone to play the role of Harry Hart/Galahad, Colin would be the very last person to come to my mind. Honestly, I’m not sure if he would even make the list. I just can’t image “Marc Darcy” throwing punches at someone, oh wait… there was actually a fight in Bridget’s Jones Diary. All I have to say is that he has made some major progress in this department.

Well, Colin Firth is no ordinary actor and apparently there is no role in this world that he cannot play. On another note, I’m really enjoying this wave of “older” actors that are re-emerging into the silver screen as the “new” Hollywood actions stars. I find it refreshing when my expectations are challenged. In addition, I believe this trend is here to stay, just to name a few successful examples: Liam Neeson (Taken), Sylvester Stalone (The Expendables), Denzel Washington (The Equalizer), Keanu Reeves (John Wick) and more recently Colin Firth (The Kingsman). The following video shows Mr. Firth kicking ass and looking good at it:

Uau! Who’s the Grandpa now? He said “manners maketh man”, which is so true. However, I’m going to make a slight adjustment to the quote and say: “clothes make the man”. It might sound a little bit superficial, but there’s nothing wrong with appreciating things are tangible. Especially, if we find them beautiful. So, what’s the effect of a suit on a man? In my opinion, the suit helps a man to show the best version of his outerself to the world. In Harry Hart’s words: “the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour.” Now, I’m not trying to say that a man can only look good in a suit, but wearing it shows that he has made an effort.