Four Walls Do Not Make A Home

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The other day, I went out and watched a “little” film called “Room”. Oh man… after watching it, I just wanted to be five again. Why? The innocence. I’m almost sad to say this but… sometimes I miss being innocent, oblivious and carefree. In my opinion, Jack is the perfect personification of that. Before I continue talking about Jack, what’s the story all about? Well, it’s pretty straightforward: Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his mother Ma/Joy (Brie Larson) have been held captive by a man they call “Old Nick”. This deeply disturbed man kidnapped Joy when she was still a teenager. As you might have guessed, this old creep has been raping her for years and unfortunately, Jack is the direct result of Old Nick’s “raping sessions”. Nonetheless, Joy doesn’t have anything but love for this little boy, she doesn’t see him as her rapist’s son, but something that is entirely hers and pure.

The film starts to get really interesting, when Joy orchestrates a plan to get Jack out of the “Room”. Basically, she instructs Jack to play “dead” and wait for the right opportunity to escape. In fact, he manages to escape from Old Nick’s truck and call for some help. The police officers that found Jack managed to get enough clues out of Jack in order to rescue Joy as well. See, this only happens in films… there’s no way that the Police could have gotten an estimated location based on what Jack said. However, as an spectator I really wanted Joy and Jack to reunite, otherwise it would be too heartbreaking to watch. For me, the aftermath was the bittersweet part of the whole story. Jack and Joy are both trying to adjust to the “real world”. During this period, Jack is doing better than Joy. He’s beginning to realize the enormity of the world outside of the “Room”, while Joy is still coping with what she has lost during the seven years she was held captive.

Overall, I think the film was pretty solid. Though Brie is getting all the accolades for her performance, in my opinion, Jacob Tremblay gave the audience an unforgettable performance. I’m telling you, the kid should have been nominated for an Oscar. Jack really got into my nerves when he was throwing those ridiculous tantrums at his mother, yet, he can be extremely endearing while he’s describing the world through his eyes. It’s amazing how innocence and ignorance can act like rose-tinted glasses, they make the worst situations look a lot better. The “Room” was a sh*thole, but Jack didn’t know the “Room” was a sh*thole, he thought the Room was the sh*t. Joy was the only one in that division that knew what was really going on. Having said that, sometimes I wish I was five years old again.

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