The Dystopian World Of Mad Max

mad max fury road 2015

Once again, following the “low expectations” rule paid off and “Mad Max: Fury Road” did not disappoint.

What’s the premise of the film? Without giving too much away, the world has essentially become a “hot mess”. Everything is scarce, therefore commodities like food, water and fuel are often the reason behind ugly disputes. The people are just as damaged as this post-apocalyptic world. Basically, they are bringing things back to basics, everyone is doing whatever they can to survive. Sounds familiar? Just picture a third-world country on steroids…

Things start to get interesting, when Max (Tom Hardy) is captured by the “War Boys”, an army of lunatics led by the “craziest bitch” of them all — Immortan Joe. Then, there’s Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who is on a mission to escape from Joe and his cult. She’s not alone in this “journey”, she’s taking Joe’s wives on this ride as well. Joe has five young and beautiful wives. Why are they with him? Because they were obligated to! Joe views them as his property, “things” that were specially selected for breeding purposes. That is so wrong… no wonder these women chose to run away from him rather than staying another minute.

As it was expected, both Furiosa and Max ran into each other under the most unusual circumstances. At the beginning, there were some trust issues but they end up joining forces to fight against a common enemy: Immortan Joe.

Furiosa was like a breeze of fresh air, in my opinion, she completely stole the show. The film industry is finally embracing the idea of having strong female characters, and guess what? Audiences want to see them too. As an action film enthusiast, I thought the film was really enjoyable to watch. All the action sequences were on point. Two hours of pure entertainment, I couldn’t have asked for more!

Honestly, I hope they make more Mad Max films! So many questions unanswered… For instance, how did Furiosa loose her arm? If they could turn the answer into a film, I would watch it!

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