Learn How To Appreciate Yourself

I believe today’s topic is going to resonate. How many times have you sold yourself short? How many times have you doubted yourself? Maybe more than we are proud to admit.

Stop! You are doing yourself no good by dwelling into these questions. Sometimes the key is not to ask yourself whether you are good enough, but how good are you. For instance… In what ways are you special? How can you use your strengths to make a difference? What can you do to overcome your own insecurities? These are the questions you should be asking.

In my opinion, insecurity lies in the lack of appreciation that we have for ourselves. Before yearning for other people’s respect and esteem, you have to do that yourself. What do I mean? Appreciate yourself first, so others can do the same. Now, that we have identified the problem. What can one do about it? Here are some strategies to enhance your self-appreciation.

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Five Strategies To Appreciate Yourself

Compare yourself to yourself. It doesn’t matter what your close acquaintances or the rest of the world are doing, it only matters what you’re doing. Don’t look back, look forward — that’s how you keep track of your goals.

Forgive your own mistakes. Allow yourself to be not perfect. We are only humans and we are bound to make mistakes. But hey, mistakes are proof that we are trying, right? I mean, how else are we supposed to learn new things?

Live with no regrets. Don’t be the person that says “I wish I did this and that…” but then never follows through. Be the person that says “I tried it and it was awesome”. Think about… what is the worst case scenario that can happen? Trying something and not liking it? So what? Doing something is better than wondering about doing something.

Appreciate your uniqueness. Focusing on what other people are good at leads to nothing. The protagonist of your life is yourself. Therefore, focus in what ways are you unique because that’s your competitive advantage. In other words, it’s your “x-factor”…

Treat yourself first. Altruism is a honourable quality but remember: if you are not okay, how are you going to be able to care of your loved ones? Considering taking care of yourself first. It’s okay to be “selfish” sometimes, allow yourself to love yourself.

Having said that, just be happy and be kind to yourself. In my opinion, it’s healthy and budget-friendly — it doesn’t cost a thing.