How Important Is Intelligence? Is Intelligence Overrated?

How important is intelligence? Is intelligence overrated? That’s my question for you today. First, let’s take a look at the dictionary and see what it has to say about “intelligence”: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

So… intelligence is an ability. Some say there are many types of intelligence. I agree. There’s more than one way to be intelligent, but today’s post is not about that. It’s about how we value intelligence in our daily lives and relationships. Where am I trying to go with this? I’m trying to make you think about… this. For instance, would you stop hanging out with someone if they are “dumber” than you? This question applies to both friends and significant others.

Intelligence And Relationships


Would you look down upon friends that you perceive as being less intelligent than you? First of all, if you are one of those people then I believe it’s time to reconsider your friendships. Why? Because you are the people you surround yourself with. If you hang out with “dummies” what does that say about you? Let’s call them acquaintances instead of friends. On a more serious note, being “sharp” is not a real requirement if you are looking for friends. It’s not about sharing the same IQ level, but sharing the same heart.

Romantic Relationships

This is the part where things can get a bit controversial. Would you break up with a significant other if you thought they weren’t as intelligent as you? In other words, would you date someone “dumber” than you? Some might say, hell “no” whereas others say “maybe”. Personally, I’m team “maybe”. The reason why I’m in the “maybe” crowd is very simple: there are other important qualities in a person than being intelligent. However, there are limits. Your significant other might not be as bright as a button. They might lack sense of humour and wit but they cannot lack common sense. Why? People that lack common sense are not only a “danger” to themselves but also a danger to others surrounding them. Having said that, you should not hang with people that hold you back. Significant others just as friends should be lifting you up.

Having said that, intelligence is important but it’s not everything. Overrated? Only when you use it to measure people and their value. Finally, let’s talk about emotional intelligence. I know that I said previously that I wouldn’t be tackling about the different types of intelligence but I’m going to make an exception for this one.

“Book Smart vs. People Smart”

People that do well in school must be intelligent… Right? Well, a good education is definitely important. However, being “book smart” is not enough. No matter what field you are in, you’ll need to be “people smart” too. Unfortunately, schools teaches very little about being emotionally intelligent. For those of you who have just graduated thinking all your knowledge/skills are all you ever need in the workplace, you are wrong. It takes more than that to build a successful career. Timing and acquaintances are pivotal players when it comes to success. Timing is hard to control, that’s why there’s good and bad timing. Relationships on the other hand are a little more manageable.

Social Skills

Social skills. Have you ever met someone with no social skills? I know I have. Any ways, being emotionally intelligent definitely helps you to develop your social skills. Why? Because you understand people. Knowing what people want, doesn’t make you an opportunist, it makes you a great listener.

Having said that, one needs a little bit of everything to succeed in this tough and competitive world that we live in.