Fuck It, Just Do It

What’s your new year’s resolution? Mine is “Fuck It, Just Do It”. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the consequences of doing something, and I know for a fact I’m not alone in this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t think about the impact of our actions, because we should (it’s sort of important). However, I’m trying to inject a little bit more carelessness and spontaneity to my day-to-day decisions of less serious nature.  What do I mean by that? Let’s take a look at the examples below.

We all have old acquaintances, but I bet at some point in your lives many of these “old acquaintances” were more than someone you vaguely know, they were someone you liked or considered as “a friend”. However, distance between you two grew (for whatever reason) and as time goes by, it seems increasingly difficult to make an excuse to reach out. What’s the problem here? Why is no one making a move here? Fear of rejection. Yes I said it. Unless you cut ties with this particular person because of “bad blood”, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t make an effort to schedule something to “reconnect”. People fail to make an effort because they are afraid of the response. What is the other person going to think about this? The question I would ask is: “Why do you care so much?” This is not really an issue. What’s is the worst case scenario? Getting a “no” from the other side? Well, “fuck it” if you get a negative answer, at least you tried. After taking a decision, the next step is to make peace with it.

How many times have you seen an interesting job offer and failed to send your curriculum? “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” Fuck it, just do it. What’s the worst case scenario? Getting rejected or not getting an answer at all. So what? If you don’t try, you’ll never know the outcome. In addition, it’s not your job to evaluate whether you are good enough, that’s why companies hire recruiting managers, that’s why they get paid for. Instead of putting so much emphasis on personal failures, try to see them as opportunities to learn something new. Never trust someone that says they have never failed or made a mistake. That truth only holds for people who have never tried. You can’t fail, if you don’t try. It’s not a big deal, sending or not sending your CV won’t impact others. Having said that, just do it and do not overthink.

My final example has to do with how people perceive return on investment. What do I mean by that? For instance, a long time ago I met someone who decided to quit a postgraduate programme because he wasn’t sure about its “return on investment”. In other words: am I really going to earn that much more money if I get this degree? Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe not. My point is, if you have the means to do something just do it. Money wasn’t really a problem for this particular person, he wasn’t a “baller” but he had enough to complete the program. In my opinion, is not healthy to associate a certain action to a certain “return”. That kind of mindset will only bring you disappointment. If that was true, then: straight-A students would get the best jobs in the world, bad things would never happen to good people, the brightest people would be ruling the world and so on…

Having said that, for non-serious matters just say “Fuck It, Just Do It.”