Why Was “Wonder Woman” (2017) So Good?

There’s a new “boss” in town: Diana Prince (a.k.a Wonder Woman). However, if you want to get really formal, you should introduce her as Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta.

(This post is not spoiler-free. Do not proceed, if you don’t want to know too much about the film.)

What do I have to say about Wonder Woman? Wow, wow and wow! I must confess: I had some reservations when they first announced the project. There aren’t many films with female superheroes. Therefore, I was crossing my fingers for Wonder Woman to be great. However, I kept thinking to myself: is Wonder Woman (the character) really that interesting? Now, I feel silly for even asking that question. They did a phenomenal job and Wonder Woman is more than interesting. It’s official! I’m a Wonder Woman fan. In addition, Gal Gadot is my new cinematic crush.

What Made “Wonder Woman” So Good?

Nowadays, there is no such thing as a shortage of superhero films. Everything in the film is big and it’s mean to be like that. However, just because you put large amounts of money to produce a film, it’s not a real guarantee that is going to be a success. So, why was Wonder Woman such a big box-office success? In my opinion, it was an amalgamation of many things such as story, characters, actors and its heart.

The Story

What’s the story about? The world is experiencing a lot of pain because of World War II. Out of nowhere, a pilot (Steve Trevor) crashes into Themyscira (an idyllic island inhabited only by Amazons). This is where he meets Diana (Wonder Woman). He tells her about the war happening in the “outside world”. As expected, she leaves her “island” and follows Steve to find “Ares” and stop the war.

Everybody loves a superhero. There’s something very emotionally captivating when these characters (superheroes) are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save the world from the “bad guys”. One important aspect that is explored in the film is that evil is not something cast upon the human race. Everyone has a little bit of evil and good inside. In my opinion, that gave the film another depth.

The Characters

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

When it comes to the main character “Diana”, she’s been basically living in a “bubble”. She is physically strong and highly trained for combat. However, she knows very little about the world. Therefore, she might come off as a very one-dimensional type of character but that slowly changes throughout the film. What do I like about Diana? She’s a grown woman with an innocent heart. When I say innocent, I don’t mean gullible. Diana is someone who has faith in mankind.

Steve Trevor

He’s Wonder Woman’s love interest. Actually, she’s not that interested in him. However, they do have a mutual respect for each other. In the beginning, war was the thing that bonded them. As you might have suspected, this changes rapidly and they actually end up developing feelings for each other. You might be thinking… What could a guy like Steve give to woman like Diana? A different perspective about mankind. You see, he doesn’t see the world in black and white. In his opinion, both good and evil exist in people. Therefore, killing “Ares” is not going to end the war.

Sir Patrick/Ares

Honestly, I did not see it coming. What a great twist! I know this might sound bad, but Ares has a point. I’m not saying that he’s right, but his motives are compelling. The difference between Ares and Diana is faith. Ares has lost faith in mankind (maybe he never had it), whereas Diana believes that it’s not their call to decide their destiny. Having said that, Ares is a great villain because he challenges Diana’s values and ours too. He almost had me, but then, I thought: he went too far.

The Actors

Gal Gadot (Diana Prince)

As I said before, Gal Gadot is officially my new girl crush. Rumour has it that Patty Jenkins didn’t want Gadot as Wonder Woman. Jenkins wanted an American actress to play the iconic superhero. However, Gal proved her wrong and if you watched the film you’ll get why she was chosen.

Chris Pine (Steve Trevor)

Honestly, I was not expecting Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Why? Well, Pine is not a newcomer, he has a couple of blockbusters under his belt (in which he starred as the lead actor). Therefore, it was kind of refreshing watching him as Wonder Woman’s “main squeeze”. In my opinion, he was perfect as Steve. Very few actors can be funny without trying too hard. Having said that, it was a very pleasant surprise.

David Thewlis (Sir Patrick/Ares)

David Thewlis is no newbie. In this film, he really shines when he reveals himself as Ares. The transition from Sir Patrick to Ares is quite subtle. It wasn’t like “gotcha, bitch!” It was more like “now you see me” type of scene. Having said that, it takes talent to portray a villain that makes us feel conflicted.

It Has A Heart

The film has a heart. It’s not only about having a fancy budget and impressive visuals. As I said, the story and the characters are full of emotion. The film doesn’t only look pretty for the camera, it also captivates the audiences’ heart. Ultimately, I believe this was the element that made the film so well received by the audience and critics. It’s serious without being pretentious and uses comedy in the right amounts.

Having said that, Wonder Woman is one of my favourite films of this year. I’m not saying this because of the hype, I’m saying this because I know what I saw. In addition, I believe “Wonder Woman” marks a new era for superhero films. Girls can kick ass and bring home the big money too! Yes, I said that!