Who Are You? Bitch I’m Madonna

Madonna has a new single and it’s called “Bitch I’m Madonna”. First of all, I don’t understand why the video has so many dislikes. People are complaining that Madonna is not acting her age. Hmm… something tells me that a lot of these “haters” are underage and don’t know who she really is.

Once upon a time, before all these so-called “bad bitches” in the game, there was Madonna, the baddest bitch of them all. Because of the things she did back in the day, there’s very little that current artists can do to truly shock me.

For those who are hating on her because she’s old and still in the game, I have a different angle on this issue. Yes, it’s true… Madonna is old, but she’s not dead! Just because she’s a more “mature lady” doesn’t mean that she’s not allowed to have fun. Cyndi Lauper is still singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and she’s older than Madonna, which proves that age is just a number. Why is society so judgemental towards older women? Some folks are hating on Madonna for wearing skimpy clothes on her video. Why is it sort of acceptable for young girls to dress that way, whereas older women are ridiculed for wearing the same clothes?

What did I infer from her video’s negative comments? Ageing is a bitch. Yes, I said it. Once you hit a certain age, people’s perception and expectations about you tend to change. Take the film industry as an example, all the in-demand actresses are being constantly judged by their physical appearance. As I see it, the media tends to make this cultural phenomena worse as they put these women in the spotlight only to judge and compare them against each other. Then, it becomes almost like a vicious cycle. Not only the media is doing this, but women are also comparing themselves to other women, which is so sad…

Let’s talk about the VIPs that appear on the video. Some people say that Madonna is trying to a pull a “Taylor Swift” by asking all these celebrities to appear in her video. Once again, I think they are wrong. Madonna is not trying anything, she is a legend already, even if she stopped making new music today, people would still remember her as a pop culture icon, that’s how famous she is. Period.

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