Taylor’s Got “Style”

Taylor Swift has a new single! Her music is definitely growing on me. She’s been in music industry for a while, but I only started to pay attention to her when she released “Blank Space”. Rumour has it, that “Style” is about one of Taylor’s former “flames”. I’m not that interested in her personal life, as long as she keeps dropping singles with easy-to-memorize lyrics and catchy tunes, I’ll keep listening to her music.

Here’s what I learned from her single “Style”:

  • Taylor has a “thing” for bad boys: she finds herself often attracted to guys that are no good for her. It happens.
  • She has a oral fixation. The lyrics are often inspired by her mouth, she likes her lips red…
  • She has low standards too: even when the guy tells her that he’s being seeing other people, she keeps coming back to him.

Final notes: learn from Taylor’s mistakes.

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