The Weeknd Seduces With “Earned It”

To be honest, I’m more excited about the soundtrack, than the film itself. Though, I heard about the FSOG phenomena I never paid too much attention to it.

“Earned It” is the first single released from the film’s original soundtrack. Sometimes, I have mixed feelings about The Weeknd because the man has an amazing voice but sings the “dirtiest” songs. Oh don’t be fooled, if you check his repertoire, “Earned It” is a relatively “clean” song for him. Here’s what I learned from watching the video:

  • Having nice hair is not that important. Look at The Weeknd, he has a palm tree on top of his head… enough said.
  • Apparently, showing nice buttocks is not enough, they need enhancers like stickers and push-up panties.
  • Ropes are definitely a must-have in every household due to their multifunctional uses.

Just be careful if you’re planning to use some of the ideas on Valentine’s day, that’s all I’m saying…