The Power Of A Beautiful Dress

the dressmaker kate winslet

Have you ever wonder about the power of a beautiful dress? Okay, “inner beauty” is important but sometimes finding or getting a dress that really suits you and makes you feel like you’re the hottest thing in town, doesn’t hurt either. If you haven’t seen “The Dressmaker” starring Kate Winslet, I strongly advise to do so. There is something endearing about simple stories that are incredibly entertaining.

What’s the premise of the film? A woman returns to her home town looking for some answers. Myrtle Dunnage/Tilly played by the stunning Kate Winslet is a woman full glamour and mystery which will make the viewer wonder: “What is a woman like her doing in a sh*thole like Dungatar?” “Why did she come back?” Throughout the film, the audience is invited to discover a little bit more about Dungatar and its inhabitants. They are all talking sh*t about Tilly and accusing her of really mean things, but at the same time, they are incredibly drawn to her creations. I guess this proves that vanity trumps “morals”. People are really willing to go the extra mile in order to be or to feel more beautiful.

the dressmaker gertrude dress

When Dungatar’s inhabitants decide to go to Tilly’s for her amazing dresses, she doesn’t necessarily push them away. Maybe part of her is still trying to prove that she didn’t commit the horrible crime they are accusing her of. Therefore, she keeps making beautiful dresses with an unconscious desire to gain their sympathy. Which turned out to be hopeless because these people are despicable. Some characters like Gertrude Pratt (Sarah Snook) are deceiving too, because she looks benign at the beginning but once she gets hold of Tilly’s creations which make her look amazing, she also starts to unveil her rotten nature. They all do.

The ending wasn’t exactly what I expected, as I thought she would find happiness next to hunky “Teddy McSwiney” (Liam Hemsworth) but I guess she did get something in the end — closure. The final scene is just epic, it really demanded a fierce actress like Kate Winslet. The only thing that bothered me was the age of some of the casting choices. Liam is way younger than Kate, but Tilly and Teddy are supposed to be more or less the same age. The same goes for Gertrude. Nonetheless, the film was super enjoyable from the beginning till the end and reminded me of how important it’s to stay true to who we are and not worrying so much what others might think about you.  Tip of the day: stop being such a people-pleaser and find new ways to please the only person that really matters — yourself.