The Lobster (2015) Ending Explained: Did He Leave Her?

This post includes a brief plot description and a detailed explanation about the ending of The Lobster. What happened at the end? Did he leave her? Beware of spoilers.

the lobster 2015 ending explained

How would I describe The Lobster? It’s different. Okay, that sounds like a nice word to describe something really bad. However, that’s not the case. The Lobster is weird, but in a good way.

By the way, who said that Colin Farrell couldn’t act? Yes, he can. As a matter of fact, he’s almost unrecognizable in the film: out of shape and with a hideous moustache. In other words, he looks ridiculous. However, it makes senses since David (his character) is such an odd ball. As a viewer, you never know what his real intentions are.

The Lobster – Plot Description

So, what is The Lobster about? The story follows a man named David (Colin Farrell) whose wife has left him for another man. Everything takes place in a dystopian near future where all the single folks are an “anomaly” according to the laws of “The City”.

So… what exactly happens to the single people in town? In very simple terms: they have no place in the city. Therefore, they have to stay at the Hotel. However, they are not there on vacation, they are on a mission to find a romantic partner. Otherwise, they will end up as an animal of their choice and send off to the Woods.

Part 1 – The Hotel

The Hotel has its own set of rules. First, guests cannot “hook up” with whoever they want. Both parties need to share a common trait if they want their relationship “approved”. Second, guests cannot masturbate (only designated hotel maids can provide sexual stimuli). Third, guests can extend their stay by hunting “loners” (single people that live in the woods).

After several failed attempts, David “scores”. However, his current match is a heartless woman (at this point he’s desperate and willing to try anything). At first, she tests him by choking herself to get a reaction from him. He purposely ignores her. The woman approves of David’s actions and decides to let him pursue her.

They make things “official” and move to a couple’s suite. However, one morning she decides to kick David’s brother (now a dog) to death with no apparent reason. David fails to hold his emotions and the woman threatens to expose him to the hotel manager. However, he manages to escape to the woods with the help of a hotel maid. She tranquillizes and transforms David’s “partner” into an animal.

Part 2 – The Woods

The Woods is a completely different world. Unlike the Hotel, loners are not allowed to engage in romantic or sexual relationships. Their leader takes the “single life” very seriously and will punish those who disobey her rules. Every now and then, the leader takes some loners (disguised as couples) to the City to get some supplies.

Trouble arises when David develops feelings for another loner (short-sighted woman). However, the leader is already on to them and she doesn’t like what she sees. In order to break the two apart, she schedules a small trip to city with the short-sighted woman. She takes her to a clinic. The woman went in thinking they were going to fix her short-sightedness, instead she leaves the operation blind.

The woman returns to the Woods and tells David about her blindness. They both plan to escape but before that, David ambushes the leader.

Part 3 – The City

Once David and the blind woman arrive to the city, they stop at a restaurant. However, they both notice that their relationship no longer feels the same. There are no common traits between them. Having said that, David goes to the restroom to blind himself with the hopes of restoring the connection he had with her. He tries but hesitates. The woman awaits for his return. The end.

The Lobster – Ending Explained

So, what happened at the end of The Lobster? Did David leave the blind woman? Or did he blind himself?

I’m going to give you three possible endings: he blinds himself, he doesn’t blind himself and leaves her or he doesn’t blind himself and lies to her. At the end, I’m going to tell you what I think it really happened.

Ending 1 – He blinds himself. This is the fairytale ending. David is a honourable man and his feelings for her are true. Therefore, he sacrifices his eye-sight to be with her.

Ending 2 – He doesn’t blind himself and he leaves her. David realizes that he only loved her because they were both short-sighted. Now that she’s blind, he no longer feels a connection. Therefore, he leaves her at the restaurant.

Ending 3 – He doesn’t blind himself and he lies to her. This is the realistic ending. David doesn’t want to be alone, hence he lies to her that he did it. He just wants a partner, a companion.

Now, which ending did I choose for David and the blind woman? The third one. David is a simple man, he’s not looking for “the one”. He just wants to be with someone. In addition, we know that David is okay with lying, he did it with the heartless woman… By the way, I can’t picture David going back to the City alone, he’s too spineless for that. He needs someone to live a regular life in the City.

Final Words On The Lobster

All the characters in The Lobster are pretty wack and the film takes the stigma of being single to a whole another level. However, I believe the film is an exaggeration of how people view relationships nowadays. Many individuals still believe they should find a “soulmate” or “settle” because that’s the norm. When they fail to do so, couples can’t help to feel pity for them, pretty much like in the film. Having said that, The Lobster is kind of weird but that far-fetched.