Teeth (2007): The Story Of A Deadly Vagina

Is it an overstatement to say that Teeth (2007) is an underrated film? I think not. From what I understand, there’s no universal consensus about this film. Some people love it, some people hate it. However, these are the type of films I find the most interesting. Why? Because the worst reaction to a film is indifference. As a viewer, it’s always disappointing when you fail to connect with the film. It always feels like a waste of time!

teeth (2007) bathtub scene

Now, first things first… What’s the film about? The story follows Dawn, a girl that has teeth in her vagina. Apparently, there’s an official term for her condition — vagina dentata. By the way, it’s impossible to talk about the film without giving out any spoilers. Having said that, do not proceed if you don’t want to know too much about the film.

Who’s is Dawn? On the outside, she’s just a regular teenage girl. However, she’s in an abstinence group… Therefore, sex is a no-no for Dawn.

Most Disturbing Scenes In Teeth

The opening scene of the film, is a little bit disturbing. Honestly, I didn’t get it at first because the scene didn’t make sense (at the time). But now, I understand that her stepbrother was trying to molest her and that’s why he got bit, hence the bleeding on his finger.

As you can see, there are some really “disturbing” moments in Teeth. Oh well, if we got through the first one, we just might as well list the others.

The second disturbing moment happens when one the members of the abstinence group tries to rape her. He actually succeeds in getting “it” in. However, his “joy” doesn’t last that long as he realizes that her vagina had teeth. At the sight of his amputated penis, the boy faints and falls off the cliff.

After the assault, Dawn is now aware that there’s something going down there. Therefore, she decides to see a gynaecologist. However, this man is a total creep and decides to take advantage of Dawn by inserting his whole hand inside of her. What does she do? Dawn cuts his fingers off with her vagina dentata.

Funniest Scenes In Teeth

Teeth doesn’t take itself too seriously and I love that about the film. Having said that, as disturbing as the previous mentioned scenes are, there are also some really funny moments in the film.

After fleeing from the creepy gynaecologist, she goes to a classmate’s house to seek comfort. They end up engaging in sexual intercourse. However, this boy had nothing but bad intentions. Apparently, he slept with Dawn to win a bet. As an act of anger, she uses her vagina dentata to cut it off. By the way, this happened mid-coitus.

teeth (2007) revenge scene

Everything in this film comes full circle when Dawn seduces her stepbrother Brad to seek revenge for her mother. In the midst of the act, Brad recalls the bleeding finger episode and Dawn just snaps. Once again, she uses her vagina dentata to cut off his penis. At this point she really doesn’t care any more and leaves her stepbrother bleeding to death (presumably). How is this supposed to be funny? The dog ate the amputated penis. Therefore, even if he survives, there’s no chance of attaching it again.

Last but not least, the old man licking his lips at Dawn was the cherry on top of the cake. After everything that happened, Dawn decides to leave town. However, her bike fails and she decides to get a lift from an old man. You would think that things ends here, but the old man decides to “try his luck” and traps Dawn by locking the doors. However, Dawn is not a scared girl any more, she smiles and I guess you already know what happens.

Final Thoughts

As I said before, I believe Teeth is an underrated gem. If the film is that good, why does it get so many polarizing reviews? A wild guess? A lot of male viewers don’t like the film. Why? Teeth portrays most men as sexual predators. Aside from Dawn’s stepfather, every male participant in the film was some sort of creep.

So is there a sexual predator inside of every man? Well, that is obviously not true. However, Teeth is a coming-of-age tale. Dawn is the main protagonist of the story. Although, she encounters several “monsters” along her journey, they all sort of make her stronger in a very twisted type of way. At the end, Dawn is no longer a scared little girl but a young empowered woman.