Taylor Swift Is Lost In The Woods

“If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. Bitch, you are a fan.”

That’s what Madonna said. Having said that, I believe I’m closeted “Swiftie”. Yes, I said it. I’ve wrote more than 3 posts dedicated to her music and today I’m writing my own personal thoughts about her latest video “Out In The Woods”, so… I must have some kind of appreciation for Taylor’s work. Right?

First of all, I’m surprised with the video’s YouTube views, which are surprisingly “low” for someone like Taylor Swift. Don’t get me wrong, anything above 40 million views for a single music video is quite decent but we are talking about T-Swift here…

taylor swift out of the woods snow

Now, let’s talk about her new song “Out In The Woods”. I’ve commented before about her easy-to-memorize lyrics and catchy tunes and well… she did it again! As always, she’s singing about a guy and how awesome things were before they fell apart. I have this crazy theory: Taylor Swift doesn’t have poor taste in men, she always goes for the “bad boys” because she needs them as a source of inspiration for her next hit song. Heartbreak sells and artists like Adele prove my point. I’m yet to hear a happy no #1 song from Adele.

In my opinion, the whole video is slightly claustrophobic but I guess it serves the purpose given the fact that she’s “in the woods”. Does the rest make any sense? Not really. Taylor is wearing the same blue dress for at least three different hostile scenarios, which is not practical at all but hey… sometimes the need to look good overrides the need for practicality and Taylor has made the choice to look good. However, there is something different about this video: though she’s singing about a guy, there is no actor playing her love interest. What? Will this be a turning point for Taylor Swift’s image? The moment when people stop seeing her as the poor goody two-shoes that “can’t make them stay” and start seeing her as a woman with an incredible gift of turning pain into dollars? Yes, an entrepreneur. Who knows…

Here’s the video: