Shuffle Play: Valentine’s Day Edition

I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. Why? I think it’s always a no-win situation for everyone, whether you’re single, in a “complicated situation” or in a relationship.

Single folks should not feel less worthy, just because they haven’t found someone to celebrate the day with them: “it is better to be alone than in bad company.” Therefore, they should take this day to celebrate  themselves, “self-love” is important too.

For those in a complicated situation, V-Day doesn’t help much either. Not celebrating the day, may give the impression that one or both parties are not fully committed to make this new or old relationship progress. On the other hand, celebrating it might also bring other problems: if two people hang out today, what will be the nature of their relationship?

Finally, the “lovebirds”. How can Valentine’s Day ruin their relationship? Expectations. Yeah, that’s right. Everything that do you on this day, will be compared to what you did last year. If you prepared something great this year, be prepared to face some pressure next year. At this point, you can only outdo yourself, there is no turning back. What happens if you don’t meet the “standards”? Disappointment.

See? Everybody loses on Valentine’s Day. Despite of what I wrote, I want to end this post on a positive note and what better way to uplift our spirits than upbeat songs? Here’s the list of song that I have chosen for today: