Sexy Music Battle: Rihanna vs. Ariana Grande

Well, I don’t why but I just can’t stop listening to Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” and Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”. Sexy jams are my thing, they really help me release my “inner goddess”. I don’t like to compare artists, but if I had to put Ariana Grande and Rihanna in an arena and have them fight in a sexy music battle, I do wonder who would win.

As I see it, both songs are equally sexy. But there are some differences: vocal-wise and video-wise.

Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”

Ladies, there’s nothing like meeting a sexy man. Though, sexiness is quite relative, we know when we are standing in the presence of a sexy man. There will be something about him that awakens our “wild” side. Who knows? We might even feel tempted to do “crazy” things in order to get that man’s attention. I guess Mother Nature has her ways and no matter how evolved we may think we are, our instincts always speak louder.

  • Hits: strong vocals, feeling of empowerment.
  • Misses: trying  too hard to be sexy.
Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better”

I hate when we can’t stand them, yet we can’t “live” without them. You know what I’m talking about and apparently RiRi knows this feeling too. Things might not be the easiest when we are with that someone, but they don’t get much better either when we are without them. So… what should one do? Swallow our pride, stop arguing and reach out? According to Rihanna, great sex equals leverage: whoever is providing it, gets the upper hand.

  • Hits: sensual singing performance, simple yet enticing video and appropriate amount of sexiness (her nipples are showing in the video, but hey it’s RiRi — expected behaviour).
  • Misses: none.

As you can see, both songs are great with some slight differences in terms of visual execution. Ariana is doing great but it looks like she’s trying a little too hard to show that she’s all grown up, whereas Rihanna looks flawless and effortless in her video. That being said, I rest my case.