A “Million Reasons” To Love Lady Gaga

Are you a Gaga fan? No? Then, prepare yourself to fall in love. If you been a Gaga admirer since her “Poker Face” days, then prepare yourself to fall in love with her again.

Today I’m bringing you her latest video “Million Reasons” and let me tell you something: it’s superb. You know what? It’s like watching the rebirth of an artist. The video itself is pretty straightforward, it’s just Lady Gaga and her voice.

There are a million reasons why I love this video of hers but I’ll only name a few in order to keep this post short and sweet.


In my opinion, this is Gaga. This is the artist that I’ve been longing for. Though, I love her “Poker Face” days, I’m really falling for this new Gaga. Don’t get me wrong, I love the “showgirl”… but it’s this type of “rawness” that makes me stay.


Unlike her other songs, “Million Reasons” is not about fame or her “rock star” lifestyle. As I see it, Lady Gaga is all “grown up” now. She’s no longer in the process of becoming a superstar — she’s is a bona fide superstar. Therefore, it makes sense for her to sing about other things as well. “Million Reasons” is definitely a song that we can both enjoy and identify ourselves with it. She’s singing songs that people can relate to and not just songs that we like to vibe to.


In my opinion, choosing to “go country” when you’re known to be a worldwide pop music phenomenon is ballsy. However, that is also what makes Lady Gaga a true artist. As you can see from her video: she’s in a pink suit, playing guitar and singing her heart out. And you know what? She looks fearless while doing it!

In conclusion, if you think you’ve fallen out of love for Lady Gaga, do not despair. Just listen carefully to “Million Reasons” and she might give you a good reason to stay.