Meghan’s Message To Her Future Husband

I’m experiencing a lot of mixed feelings about Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband”. I’m torn between the song’s catchy beat and its lyrics.

meghan trainor dear future husbandIf you’re a guy, here are a few things you need to know if you wanna be her future husband:

  • She has high expectations, dates and flowers are a definite must.
  • She can’t cook, but she’ll buy you some groceries.
  • Even when she’s acting crazy, don’t call her out, embrace it.
  • Smooth-talking skills are required, if you wanna get her “goodies”.
  • She wants a classy guy, exempt from a dirty mind.
  • If you like it, you’ll need to put a ring on it.

Well… I think Trainor is looking for an “unicorn”, a man fruit of her imagination. She wants the male version of “Cool Girl“, once again, someone that doesn’t really exist in real life. No sane person will put up with your bullshit without receiving something in return. Usually, functional relationships are bilateral, meaning that both parties need to collaborate in order to make things work. The song sounds to me like a very unilateral relationship, it’s almost all about what she wants. Now… what is she giving in return? Girl, are your “goodies” really that good? I’m not trying to hate, but don’t go making a huge list of qualities about your ideal partner, if you can’t bring some good stuff to the table.

While I was reading some of the video’s comments, someone said that the song sounds exactly like Olly Murs “Dance With Me Tonight“. Guess what? It does. However, his approach to his love interest is much more positive and reasonable, in my opinion. First, he starts by complementing the lady for her beauty, then he invites her for a dance. If Olly and Meghan had to play a game called “Getting Lucky Tonight”, I believe Olly has better chances than Meghan. Sometimes it’s not about how physically attractive a person is, because good looks paired with a nasty attitude will still get you nowhere.

Someone once told me that “Picky and Lonely are best friends”, I couldn’t agree more…