Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

The following video shows Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon insulting a contestant on “X-Factor NZ”:

Girl… Why did you do that? Now, I don’t know what happened behind-the-scenes but no matter how she tries to justify her comments, people will never see her in the same light ever again.

It’s really unfortunate what happened on that day. Is Natalia’s career over? Let’s see what has happened so far:

  • After the incident, she was fired from the show.
  • People have flooded her social media accounts with hate messages.
  • There’s an increasing number of dislikes on her Youtube videos.
  • Rumour has it she was dropped from her label.

Ouch! Things are not looking good for her. I would say that her career is on standby. She’s an okay artist, but that doesn’t give her the right to insult someone. What made her look like a “mean girl”? She used her “authority” (as a judge) on the show to make someone look bad. Well, when people use their “powers” for “evil”, they will always look bad. If Natalia used the same insults against a peer, I believe the scenario would’ve been very different.

What about Joe Irvine (the contestant)? Woah… I believe he handled himself very well given the circumstances. Guess what? Now, everybody is talking about him… in a positive way. Even big names like Lorde and Ed Sheeram shared their support to Joe: a letter and cupcakes from her, and words of encouragement via Twitter from him.

I don’t know what was going through Natalia’s mind when she made those mean comments. Maybe she’s a little bit like that character from “The Big Bang Theory” — Sheldon Cooper. He’s brilliant (academically), but he always says the nastiest things to people and the best part is: he’s completely unaware of it. My point is: stay humble and don’t use “talent” as an excuse to treat others poorly.