Katy Perry Has A New Winning Anthem — “Rise”

Katy Perry did it again! She created a new winning anthem — “Rise”. Whether you like her or not as an artist, she’s got some really good songs under her belt. Before I give my opinion about her new video, let’s all watch it first:

Yes, yes, yes! When I previously said winning anthem, I’m taking into consideration its ability to resonate. The single is relatively new, so it’s hard to tell its future performance in the charts. But hey… sometimes it’s not all about the numbers, it’s the meaning behind the lyrics. I’m glad that Katy Perry is indeed an artist that sings about a variety of topics and not just about heartbreak or material possessions.

katy perry rise

This time, she’s singing about people expecting you to fail and how should one rise above it. I mean… how can someone not like a theme like that? We need more uplifting songs like “Rise”. The ones that we play in our head when we are feeling defeated. It’s no coincidence the song was chosen for the 2016 Olympics. In addition, it’s a great workout song. Hey, if it works for athletes then there must be something for us common mortals too.

You know what surprised me the most in this video? Katy Perry is fully clothed in this video. Yeah, it’s just her in a suit and her parachute. No, this is not a hate comment. If you’ve been following Katy’s work for a while, you’ll know she has the tendency to shed some clothes for music videos: California Gurls, Roar, Teenage Dream

Funny fact: there’s some people saying that she plagiarized an artist named Olivia Somerlyn and her video “Parachute“. I mean… I watched it and I don’t see it at all. Both videos have parachutes and that’s it, this is how far the similarities go.

Great song, refreshing music video. Enough said.