Jennifer’s Body (2009) Review: An Underrated Film?

Okay, let’s stir some things up today. Let me start by saying that Jennifer’s Body is a “criminally underrated film”. Yes, I said that. By the way, if you’re expecting a nicely written review, then this is not the post for you. Nah, we only do informal reviews here. In other words, we rant about films.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

First and foremost, what is this film about? Well, there two main characters: Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried). Are they friends? Well, I’ll leave that to the viewer to decide. They are supposedly best friends, although they don’t act like it. Now back to the story. Both Needy and Jennifer are in high school, but one fateful night changes everything for them. It’s all because of a concert. Hear me out, the band kidnaps Jennifer because they want to use her as a sacrifice. Say what? They want to kill her as a gift to Satan. Why? They want to become more famous. Therefore, they decide to kill Jennifer in a Satanic ritual. Wait, the story doesn’t end here.

jennifer's body (2009) jennifer | underrated film

Why was Jennifer the chosen “one”? The band’s leader was looking for a girl to sacrifice. However, not any girl: she needed to be a virgin for the ritual to work. As you might have guessed, Jennifer lied about her “status”. In other words, they killed the “wrong” girl. Hold on, there’s more. You see, Jennifer does not die from the brutal attack. She survives and becomes a “man-eater”, literally. Jennifer is now a hungry demon that only targets male classmates. Their flesh keeps her alive.

Friendship Between Jennifer And Needy

So what’s Needy’s role in all of this? She is the Jennifer’s best friend. Well, is she? Their relationship is hard to describe. So Jennifer is the stereotypical pretty girl that has the world at her feet. Having said that, why is she with an awkward girl like “Needy”. No offence, Needy is a lovely human being but their lifestyles just don’t match.

jennifer's body 2009 needy and jennifer friendship | underrated film

Have you ever heard of frenemies? I believe that’s what Needy is to Jennifer, a frenemy. She wants Needy to look cute, but not prettier than her. She wants Needy to do well, but not better than her. Can you see a pattern here? At one point, she even tries to hook up with Needy’s boyfriend, just to prove that “she can”. Well, it’s safe to say that “she has issues”.

Great Aspects About Jennifer’s Body

One of the aspects that I liked the most about Jennifer’s Body is how real the characters feel. For instance, Jennifer (the villain) is so much more than just a boy-eater. Behind her pretty looks, she is a very insecure person. What about Needy? She’s not Jennifer’s bitch or a doormat. She is strong in her own way, but she’s still trying to figure out Jennifer’s place in her life. After all, they’ve been friends for a really long time. It’s not easy to cut ties with someone that’s been in your life for so long.

jennifer's body 2009 needy and jennifer friendship | underrated film

The film is also quite refreshing in terms of how they portray the female leads: they are not victims. Jennifer dies but she comes back as a demon and Needy knows how to stand up for herself when Jennifer crosses the line. Having said that, there are no white knights in Jennifer’s Body. The ladies do all the “dirty” work.

Some might even say that the Jennifer’s Body is a feminist film. Maybe… I don’t know. What is a feminist film? Nonetheless, one thing is for sure there “will be blood”. The female leads aren’t shy about getting their hands dirty to make a statement. They are both fighters. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why Did It Flop (At The Time)?

Okay, all these arguments are nice and compelling but why did this film flop at the time? Personal hunch? Jennifer’s Body was ahead of its time. Just a few years ago, no one was rooting for female characters in a leading role. What has changed? The #MeToo movement changed the status quo. Nowadays, studios are more acceptive of projects with female leading characters. However, they are not doing it because they’re trying to be nice. They do it, because there’s money to make. For the longest time, there was this “belief” that female characters were not as bankable as male leading characters. But as you can see, films like: Blue Jasmine, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman will tell you otherwise.

Overall, Jennifer’s Body is well worth a watch. It’s about friendship, revenge and making difficult choices. What else could someone ask for? In addition, it’s witty. It’s one of those films that makes a point without taking itself too seriously. Honestly, a truly underrated film.

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