Jennifer Lopez Is Not Your Mama

Jennifer Lopez has a new song and it’s called “Ain’t Your Mama”. Now, I must say I’m not the biggest J.Lo fan but I admire the way she has managed her career over the years. In my opinion, J.Lo is a fine example of how sometimes natural talent is overrated, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. What do I mean? Listen, she might not be the best vocalist in the world, but she has released more studio albums than Beyoncé. Having said that, I’m not trying to say that her music is better than Queen Bey’s but she’s still “in the game”, and that tells you a lot about her music career. The same goes for her acting career, she might not be best actress in the world but she’s still getting some roles.

In addition, her success has proved that likeability can get you really far. I can name a handful of singers and actresses that are more talented than her, but they’re not as relevant as J.Lo because they don’t have that “X-Factor” working for them.

jennifer lopez ain't your mama laundry

Let’s now, talk about the song. What do you think about “Ain’t Your Mama”? I find it catchy and relatable. In the “badass” scale, the song it’s not that “badass”. I mean, it’s not as strong as Rihanna’s “BBHMM” or Beyoncé “Formation” but again, J.Lo is not that kinda of “badass”: she’s more like a sexy cougar that might get you in trouble if so she desires.

It’s funny how the universe has its weird ways to speak to you. Not too long ago, I wrote a small post about the role of women in society. In that post, I mention the “mother” role and the “caretaker” role and now J.Lo is telling other women to stop treating men as if they were their children (because they are not). If J.Lo is still singing about this, what does that really say about the times that we are living in? Have things even changed at all? Songs like this, make me believe that certain stereotypes still hold true: “men like women that can take care of them domestically” and “women like men that can take care of them financially”. I thought I had my thoughts about this issue organized, but now another question is tickling my mind: “Are women enabling men to think that way?”