Is Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” Video Racist?

So… Taylor Swift has a new music video called “Wildest Dreams”. As I suspected, haters don’t take breaks and now they are accusing her video of being racist. Here’s the “infamous” video:

Honestly, I don’t see it and Taylor is known for being a “goody two shoes”, therefore I highly doubt that she would purposely do something that despicable. According to her haters, Taylor is showing poor judgement for choosing a colonial theme for her video and featuring a predominately white cast. They are calling her video: a “rich white fantasy of Africa in the 1950s”. Ouch.

taylor swift wildest dreamsPersonally, I think her “critics” are overreacting and over-analysing. All Swift wanted was to show the world how pretty/perfect she is and feature a “hot” guy lusting for her. Let’s face it, everything about Taylor screams “basic bitch” and there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s something about Swift’s image that she can’t just “shake it off”, no matter how much skin she shows in her video, how much saliva she exchanges with her leading men and how much “sexy” make-up she might wear.

Now, let’s get back to the topic that initiated this post. So…is her video racist? No, I don’t think so. Having a predominantly white cast doesn’t make her video racist, it makes it accurate. Think about, if her video is set during the colonial period in Africa, what did you really expect to see? Come on, were are not talking about a Lana del Rey video. Have you see her “National Anthem” video? We all know that people “didn’t get down like that” back in those days. As I see it, some folks are asking too much of Taylor. Saying that her video racist is like forcing her to re-write History.

There is a place and time for everything, cultural diversity is great and we need it. However, it also needs to make sense, otherwise, it might look too forced or too politically correct.