I’m Good Enough

Pat yourself in the back and repeat the following words: “I’m good enough.” Sometimes, we just need some words of encouragement. If you are not getting them from other people, no problem… Be your own support system and tell those words to yourself.

While I was watching “Spy”, I realized that, not only Melissa McCarthy is an extremely funny woman but she can also be carry a film. Why am I bringing her name into this post? Because she’s an exception to the rule, that we all need once in a while to feel inspired.

McCarthy does not fit the typical leading actress mold. Female leading roles are scarce and the actresses that are getting them are usually physically stunning creatures. Now… I’m not saying that Melissa is an unattractive lady, but something tells me that, it mustn’t have been easy for her being a plus-size person trying to make it in Hollywood. “Spy” was not Melissa’s first big break, “Bridesmaids” was, she even got an Oscar nomination for it. However, this is, in my opinion, her first decent film as a leading actress.
melissa mccarthy spy

I find her character “Susan Cooper” relatable in many ways. When we first see her, she appears to be the typical “underdog”, the one that everyone underestimates. However, as the story progresses, she becomes more conscious of her abilities and starts to believe that she actually has a saying about her life’s direction. In essence, she’s good enough but she just needs to unleash her potential.

Well, I think Melissa McCarthy is the living proof that you don’t have to fit the mould to be successful. Just embrace the way you are, and who knows what doors might open for you…

Here’s a clip from the film, just for laughs: