My Conflicting Relationship With Lana Del Rey


So here’s the deal: I love and hate Lana Del Rey’s music. Maybe the word “hate” is a bit exaggerated, but sometimes she just bores the hell out of me. I can’t really pin-point why I have such contradictory feelings towards her. I mean, on the surface, there’s nothing really “wrong” with her. She’s moderately easy to eye, her voice is somehow unique and her songs have a certain allure and sophistication to them. But, I don’t think I could handle an entire Lana del Rey concert. I would either fall asleep or go crazy.

So… how did I become acquainted with her music? Youtube. That’s right, she popped up in my video recommendations and I clicked on it. I know, it’s the most unromantic story but hey… when Youtube tries to tell me something, I listen. “Born To Die” was the very first video I ever watched of her. It’s aesthetically gorgeous but empty at the same time. It’s like eating a beautiful macaroon with an average filling. Do you get what I mean? I believe that says a lot about her as an artist too. Up until Lana, I never paid too much attention to indie music. Well, I guess indie is the “new thing” nowadays, everyone is trying to be different and stay away from the “mainstream”.

Now… let’s think about the following issue for a second. When your music videos are being viewed by millions and major Hollywood film productions are featuring your songs, are you still considered indie? Or are you considered mainstream? So… Lana Del Rey’s popularity has grown quite significantly over the last few years. What does that make her? Is she still an indie artist? Or has she become a mainstream artist? Either ways, she has made it. People that haven’t lived under rock over the last couple of years will probably know who she is. Angelina Jolie hand-picked her to cover the “Once Upon A Dream” for her dark-fantasy film —”Maleficent”. Girl, you have definitely made it!

Back to my conflicting relationship with Lana… The reason why I said I would fall asleep or lose my mind in one of her concerts is very simple: I can’t handle large amounts of melancholy. And Lana is the queen of melancholy. I have yet to find a happy song from her. Unlike Adele, Lana’s music goes beyond heartbreak. Oh no… her lyrics tell the story of someone who has gone through some fucked up experiences. But hey… that’s like gold for artists, right? They channel their frustrations and bad experiences through their art and somehow manage to cash from them. Not bad right?

Now… is she really the person in her lyrics? Let me rephrase my question: is she for real or not? I guess no one will ever know except Lana, or should I say Elizabeth Grant? Whoever is managing Lana’s public image is a genius, they understand how people like “pretty things”. What do I mean? So… her image is very “polished”, yet she sings about many controversial subjects (drug use, unhealthy relationships, death…). Looking at her and listening to her songs is like opening a beautiful package with tons of “unexpected” things inside of it. That’s her X-factor, the thing that makes her standout.

Bottom line is, I’ll keep listening to her music. In fact, though I don’t see myself as a fan I do look forward for her future albums. Whether she’s a real enigma or not, it doesn’t matter. I just want see what she’s going to do next. She’s definitely my guilty pleasure.

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