Can One Be Seduced By A Robot?

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Let’s see what I have learned so far about cinematic experiences: go with low expectations and try to know as little as possible about the plot.

“Ex-Machina” tells the story of Caleb, a computer programmer selected among his peers to visit Nathan, CEO of the world’s most popular search engine. No people, it’s not Google, that’s what we have. In the film’s fictionalized world, they call it Bluebook.

No doubt, that Nathan is a very intelligent character, but why would  a CEO choose to live in a secluded facility and alone? For the sake of research and science? Hmm… it’s suspicious to say the least. Bedrooms with no windows? If I were Caleb, I would have said “no, no, no” like Amy Winehouse when they told her to go to rehab.

Everything was sort of running smoothly for Caleb until he meets Ava, played by the beautiful Alicia Vikander. In my opinion, she was the perfect casting voice: beautiful face, sultry voice… Too shallow? I think not. What if Ava looked like a plain Jane? Would Caleb still develop feelings for her? Oh yeah, the poor man was smitten.  Caleb became the ultimate cliché when he fell for “the damsel in distress”.

For a sci-fi film, “Ex-Machina” doesn’t have a lot of action scenes or special effects as one would expect and I’m not saying it as a negative point. Actually, I thought the film was pretty engaging without all the fancy stuff. What did I love about the film? The characters. They are complex and deceiving. It’s hard to interpret their actions. Everything seemed pretty obvious to me in the beginning, there was: a bad guy, a victim and a white knight. By the time I finished watching the story, I didn’t know who was who anymore. If you’re looking for films are easy to “digest”, do not watch this one.

The film brings up a very interesting question, how should “sentient” robots be treated? When Nathan created Ava, she was built with a “consciousness”.  Having said that, does that give Ava the freedom to make her own choices? Think about it.

I’ll finish this post, with one of my favourite scenes from the film:

For more technical details about the film, click here.

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