Hello dear reader!

You might be wondering where you are right now… Well, you’re at the The Odd Apple and welcome. I’m Elle Morie and this is my little writing corner.

The Concept Behind “The Odd Apple”

Something about me? Well, I’m a pop culture enthusiast. Therefore, I’m here to cover everything from films, music and other pop culture things. However, if you are expecting a pop culture news type of website, then I’m afraid this is not the place for you. You see, The Odd Apple is like an interactive scrapbook filled with text, music, images and pop culture references.

Talking about pop culture per se is boring to me. I need something else. In my opinion, something is only meaningful if it impacts you. That’s what I’m trying to find out in each post. I’m trying to figure out how pop culture impacts my life. Do you know what conclusions did I come to? It inspires me and educates me.

Honestly, I wish others could experience pop culture the way I do. I guess that was the main intent behind this “project”. Having said that, I’ve decided to write posts that connect pop culture and life epiphanies. So… think about the The Odd Apple as a “feel-good” space where I share my favourite pop culture bits and amusing thoughts with you. I guess sharing is caring. So… if you share something positive with the world, will it become a better place? Who knows…

If I had to define The Odd Apple in one sentence, I would say it’s a pop culture-based lifestyle blog created to inspire and amuse. In the end, life is all about perception: “change your perception, change your life”. In addition, life does not give you what you want, it gives what you deserve. Therefore, if you think you deserve something better, then start working towards your goals.


Elle Morie