Welcome to “The Odd Apple”!

I’m Elle Morie and this is my little corner.

Something about me? Well, I’m a pop culture enthusiast. However, writing about films, music and other pop culture things per se is boring to me. Therefore, I decided to combine pop culture with something that I truly enjoy doing on a regular basis. Which is…? Thinking about random things. And what is more random than life? That’s exactly what I thought.

Think about the “The Odd Apple” as a “feel-good” space where I share my favourite pop culture bits and amusing thoughts with you. Basically, it’s “a pop culture-based lifestyle blog created to inspire and amuse.” In the end, life is all about perception: “change your perception, change your life”. In addition, if someone chooses to view life through “rose-coloured glasses”, then it’s their prerogative.

Have a good day,

Elle Morie