5 Signs Of A Toxic Friend That You Need To Let Go

Have you ever had to let go of a toxic friend? First of all, what is a toxic friend? One thing is for sure, they are not people you want to have around. These are the same people that’ll secretly ruin your life without you even realizing it. The worst part? We were the ones that invited them into our lives.

toxic friend

5 Signs Of A Toxic Friend

Without further ado, here are some signs to help you identify a toxic friend.

1. They Are Judgmental

Friends should be honest. However, there’s a difference between giving someone constructive criticism and being straight up judgmental. The difference lies in the intent. The first one is actually trying to help, whereas the second one is just trying to point your flaws to make you feel bad.

2. They Are Not Happy For Your Success

There’s no such thing as an envious friend. They are simply not your friend. Period. Having said that, real friends celebrate each others’ success and happiness. If not, it’s time to ditch them. You don’t need people that rain on your parade.

3. They Are Negative

Stay away from people that are always focused on the negative side of things. You might feel tempted to ignore this ugly trait, thinking it’s none of your business. But guess what? It is. You see, you are who you hangout with. Therefore, if you don’t want to be miserable, stop hanging out with people that are negative.

4. They Discredit You

Doubt is like poison. Don’t let these people poison you with doubt. Real friends have faith in you, they don’t belittle your dreams or achievements. The truth is, most people that doubt you are insecure themselves. However, it’s not right that they projecting their ugly insecurities on you. If you want to be a better person, you need to surround yourself with better people.

5. They Lack Empathy

Beware of people that have zero consideration for your feelings. People that can’t feel your pain, don’t feel respect for you either. Friendships are not a one way street, feelings need to be mutual . What’s the point of caring for someone that doesn’t give a damn about us? That doesn’t seem healthy, at all.

As I said before, toxic friends are the worst because they are like enemies disguised as “friends”. You know what? Sometimes it’s better to have an “open enemy” than a fake friend. It’s sad, but at least one is honest regarding their intentions.

How To Let Go Of A Toxic Friend

So what should one do after identifying a toxic friend? Let them go and set yourself free. Here’s a couple of tips that will help you with the process.

1. Create Distance Between You Two

Stop reaching out for them. Friendships are like plants. If you stop watering them, they will eventually die. That’s what you’re doing: letting your friendship die. But remember, as awful as those terms might sound, it’s a good thing (that person was a toxic friend).

2. Focus On Your Healthy Relationships

Now that you’ve let go of the bad weeds, it’s time to focus on the healthy relationships in your life. Sure, you might feel a bit sad after breaking-up with that “fake friend”, but you’re still surrounded with people that celebrate you. That’s where you should put your mind to. Good friends tend to feed you with some good energy, instead of sucking you dry.

3. Making Peace With Your Decision

Once you realize why you’re breaking up with that person, things will become much clearer in your head. Remember your decision wasn’t based on bitterness or resentment. The nature of the friendship wasn’t the healthiest for you and that’s why you’ve decided to let it go. Now it’s time to move on.

Having said that, just open your eyes and be careful. Your “squad” will influence you as the person you want to become. Therefore, choose your squad members wisely.